When and Why to use Descriptive programming?

Posted by rajivkumarnandvani on February 6, 2009

When and Why to use Descriptive programming?

Below are some of the situations when Descriptive Programming can be considered

1. The objects in the application are dynamic in nature and
need special handling to identify the object. The best example would be of
clicking a link which changes according to the user of the application, Ex.
“Logout <>”.

2. When object repository is getting huge due to the no. of objects being
added. If the size of Object repository increases too much then it decreases
the performance of QTP while recognizing a object.

3. When you don’t want to use object repository at all. Well the first question
would be why not Object repository? Consider the
following scenario which would help understand why not Object repository

Scenario 1: Suppose we have a web application that has not been
developed yet.Now QTP for recording the script and
adding the objects to repository needs the application to be up, that would
mean waiting for the application to be deployed before we can start of with
making QTP scripts. But if we know the descriptions of the objects that will be
created then we can still start off with the script writing for testing

Scenario 2: Suppose an application has 3 navigation
buttons on each and every page. Let the buttons be “Cancel”, “Back” and “Next”.
Now recording action on these buttons would add 3 objects per page in the
repository. For a 10 page flow this would mean 30 objects which could have been
represented just by using 3 objects. So instead of adding these 30 objects to
the repository we can just write 3 descriptions for the object and use it on
any page.

4. Modification to a test case is needed but the Object repository for the same
is Read only or in shared mode i.e. changes may affect other scripts as well.

5. When you want to take action on similar type of object
i.e. suppose we have 20 textboxes on the page and there names are in the form
txt_1, txt_2, txt_3 and so on. Now adding all 20 the Object repository would
not be a good programming approach.


5 Responses to “When and Why to use Descriptive programming?”

  1. sudheer said

    Hi Rajiv,

    i am sudheer and i had a small requirement. Thats open a folder and refresh it and then pick first file in that folder.
    can u help me find solution

  2. hi sudheer,

    just go through file system object script there you will find how to work with folder and files. for refresh you can use keyboard event like press F5 in qtp /low level recording.
    best of luck

  3. sudheerburra said

    thanks for your Response

  4. sudheerburra said

    let me know the ue of skip line function in QTP Pls

  5. hi
    you can use if else condition

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