QTP CRASH .net Application

Posted by rajivkumarnandvani on May 3, 2009

QTP get Crash with .net application object SwfComboBox . Here I came across with this sitiuation.
When qtp record .net combo box operation it records in this way
SwfWindow(“my_window”).SwfComboBox(“Voltage_Level”).select “11”

if You cahnge the select value in the script “11” to 11 means withou string provide as a numb
er like this
SwfWindow(“my_window”).SwfComboBox(“Voltage_Level”).select 11
Now Run the QTP
then QTP get crash


3 Responses to “QTP CRASH .net Application”

  1. Janos said

    I have absolutely the same issue; however I have tried this with …selectedindex, …selectedvalue, …select, …type “a” – this for selecting the first item which start with a, etc.
    That is why I can not go forward with tests. I have this issue with all the comboboxes in application.
    The thing is that after doing the selection the combo box contains no value; there is no chance to select… Sometimes I can not open the combo box.

    Is there any solution (patch or variable/property) which I can use in this case?
    Is any of you clarified – and solved 🙂 – the same issue?
    I use QTP 10 with .net 2.0 package.


  2. Ramesh Kumar said

    Is there any solution for the above problem..we are facing problem with this. Scripts are prepared and changing them is a big task for us. Since QTP crashes..we are losing the results of previous steps and loading the test in QTP is more time consuming activity. Please let me know the solution for this.

  3. Hi Ramesh,
    Till now i do not know may be in QTP 10 this work fine or not.
    only thing you can do before selecting the value take the value in a vaiable and change data type to string
    like a =1
    a = cstr(a)
    SwfWindow(“my_window”).SwfComboBox(“Voltage_Level”).select a

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