COMPLETE QTP 9.5 30 hours course

Posted by rajivkumarnandvani on November 19, 2009

COMPLETE QTP  9.5          30 hours course

This comprehensive course covers all the essential principles of using Quick Test Professional 9.5 Designed for beginners as well as testers with previous automation experience, it takes the newcomer to QTP from the basic techniques of record & replay in the keyword view, right through to advanced programming skills in the expert view. Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated, and the delegates get to practice what they have learned in each chapter against windows and web applications.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the key principles of test automation; record & replay, synchronization, checkpoints, data-driven Testing
  • Understand how to structure your automated testing
  • Gain a full understanding of how QTP integrates with the system under test
  • Understand how you can design robust tests against dynamic applications
  • By the end of the course you should have a complete understanding of how to develop reliable, robust QTP test scripts

Key Points in Training Sessions

Record & Playback

How to create a basic script using record & replay in the keyword view

Object Recognition

Explains how QTP recognizes objects in the system under test. Describe Object Repository and different Repositories types.

Synchronization & Checkpoints

How to use synchronization to ensure that QTP waits for your application to complete processes? And how insert checkpoints in your script to test your application?

Multiple Actions

How to break your script down into smaller components called Actions, covers all types of Actions, and how to re-use Actions in other scripts.

Data-driven testing

How to use the built-in Data Table to data driven tests with multiple test cases?

The Expert View

Explain the differences between the Keyword and Expert view and also covers all the debugging features of the QTP Development environment.

Capturing Application Data

Cover the various methods for capturing data from your system under test for checking, or outputting to the Data Table and Results.

Passing Data between Actions

Look at the various techniques for passing data between Actions like tests such as Action Parameters, Global and

Variables, Environment Variables, Data Table.

Custom Checkpoints

How to create your own checkpoints using the Expert view? Demonstrate how to check dynamic data.

Dynamic Objects

How to test dynamic applications whose interfaces change at run-time in QTP? Look at making the Object Repository more flexible, descriptive programming and capturing object collections from your system under test.


Covers creating procedures in QTP, storing them in function libraries, calling them from scripts, how to override or create new methods for Test Objects.

Object Recognition Problems

Key points for overcoming object recognition problems. Cover the 3 recording modes, Virtual Objects, and mapping custom classes.

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12 Responses to “COMPLETE QTP 9.5 30 hours course”

  1. sanjay said

    good one

  2. simi said

    First of all. Thanks very much for your useful post.

    I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here.


  3. thanks

  4. Kamini said

    Hey Rajiv,

    Apologies for this question, but where exactly is the link for the 30 hr course?
    I can see the contents of the page, but I cannot see the 30 hrs course link!

    Pls advise

  5. Hi Kamini,

    we can provide training on QTP ,there is no course link If you are in NCR( delhi ,Gurgaon) area in weekend

  6. Nitesh said

    Hi Rajeev

    Doing great work? Hope you know me.

  7. yes man how can i forget you
    how are you

  8. Ruchi said

    Hi Rajiv

    Could you please let me know , how much is the fees for the weekend QTP classes?


  9. Hi Ruchi,

    Sorry for late reply it depends on area mainly NCR (noida delhi gurgaon ) we can provide during weekend fees charge is 10k-12k

  10. Yusuf Naiyer said

    Hi Rajive,

    I don’t know if you are still providing classes on automation. Anyway, thought to send a note just in case if you do.

    I am intrested in QTP and Load Runner classes, and was wondering if a class can be scheduled anytime between April17-April 30th 2011


  11. Hi Yusuf,

    Thanks for reading,

    only in weekend we can provide @ Noida , Delhi, gurgaon only.


  12. Yusuf Naiyer said

    I am ok and can work with your schedule anytime in between April 17-April 30th 2011. Delhi is more Convenient for me. Will you let me know how much is going to cost me?

    Is there any contact number where I can call you?


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