QTP not recording web application in VISTA

Posted by rajivkumarnandvani on April 21, 2010

Hi All,

I faced the problem when I installed the QTP in vista.QTP  was not recording any web application then i tried to check with OBJECT SPY how its identify the web object Object Spy identify the each web object as a winobject. Then i found the solution to solve this problem this was because vista User control . In Vista you need to off USER CONTROL option after that QTP works fine and records the web application. To off the USER CONTROL option follow the following steps:

Click Start  >Control Panel>User Accounts and Family Safety>User Accounts

and uncheck  the Turn User Account Control On or OFF option

QTP not recording web application in VISTA


32 Responses to “QTP not recording web application in VISTA”

  1. arya gaurav said

    On my machine after turning off the user control starts recording but it is still replaying the script

  2. I think just try to reinstall the QTP after turning off user control .May be it will work but not sure.
    Best of luck

  3. Kranti said

    Thank you. I use windows 7 and it worked for me only after switching off UAC.

  4. Most Welcome 😉

  5. Arun Ramakrishnan said

    Hi Rajiv,

    I have Win 7, IE8 and QTP10. I am not able to spy and get the WinObject:Internet Explorer_server error. After reading many articles on the web and trying the following, I still am not able to spy

    1) Installed Win 7 patch –
    2) Installed IE8 patch –
    3) Checked your blog on all settings to make sure addins for Web are installed (.wpf is not installed, does it matter)
    4) UAC was already turned off
    5) Checked mic.ini settings

    Am still unable to get it recorded! Please help!


  6. Hi Arun,
    As you said, you have done all setting as mentioned in blog.
    Is QTP not recording any application windows or web.
    Try to check Active x web and Visual Basic must be added.
    if still not able to record, try to reinstalled with administrator rights.

    Best of luck

  7. arya gaurav said

    Well i have been facing the same problem….

    in spite of adding web addon

    QTP record just window…..

    and it did not work

    even if

    1. first open qtp then browser
    2. turn the user control off

  8. Arun Ramakrishnan said

    Nopes, nothing worked. Logged a P1 HP Support ticket.

  9. Hi Arun,

    Please let us know when you get resolved with this problem because lots of other users also facing the same problem. It would be great if you helped us 🙂


  10. Arun Ramakrishnan said

    Rajiv and All,

    What a bummer…! QTP10 does not support 64 bit browser!! I changed to run IE8 on 32 bit browser..and voila…was able to record!

    So, if you are on Vista/Win7 + IE8, make sure you open IE8 on 32 bit browser.

    1) Right click on IE shortcut–Shortcut
    2) Enter Target = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”
    3) Apply-OK
    4) Open IE from shortcut, will open in 32 bit mode

    TO verify if it has opened in 32 bit, start Task Manager–Processes–iexplore*32.exe should be present.

    BTW, QTP11 also does not support 64 bit IE browser

  11. Hi Arun,

    Thanks of ton, Great job. is this i really missed while this was clearly mentioned in qtp environment details 🙂
    Once Again thanks a lot 🙂 🙂

    QTP10 does not support 64 bit browser
    make sure you open IE8 on 32 bit browser.

  12. Problem: If QTP 10 is installed on Windows 7 and IE8. QTP does not recognize Browser Objects. Browser is recognized as Windows object and WebEdit is recognized as WinObject.
    Both patches to support IE8.0 (qtpweb_00037.exe) Windows 7.0(qtp_00644.exe) need to be installed for QTP10.0
    You might need to check your UAC settings on windows 7.0
    Try the below settings:
    1)IE: Select the Enable 3rd party extensions option under Tools Advanced section in IE
    2)Open Control Panel, choose User Accounts and Family Safety >> System and Security Settings>>Change User Account Control settings>>Set the control to Never notify and restart the computer.
    You should now be able to use QTP10.0 on Windows 7 with IE8.

  13. arya gaurav said

    Hi all

    I was facing the “QTP not recognizing WEB object ” problem from some time.

    I did some Google and try this

    1 . Uninstall QTP from control panel
    2 . Turn UAC off and restart computer
    3. Re-install QTP by right clicking setup and click on “run as administrator”

    Finally it worked and hope the same for everyone else facing similar problem

  14. Anand said


    Even i am facing same problem…
    after turn user account control off( windows 7) now its working fine

  15. SANTOSH said

    Hello All,

    I was having same problem i.e i have QTP 11 / Windows-7 / IE 8 and QTP is recording as Windows objects and not Web objects.

    1. When i initially installed QTP , i was able to record the script on IE8.
    2. But after recording of few test scripts; i got a flickering pop-ups saying user account setting notify and browser and QTP got closed
    3. After re-opening the QTP11 it started identifying or recording the objects as windows objects and not web objects.
    4. I did quite lot of googling on the above issue and finally it got resolved.
    Below is the sequence you try it would help as my problem resolved finally opening the qtp-11 as “Run As Administrator”

    here is the sequence of tries
    1. Try Opening QTP-11 as Administrator mode
    Right click QTP short cut>>Run As Administrator Mode
    2. If above does not work then go to control panel and set User account setting to low level ie. not to notify and then repeat step-1
    3. If both 1&2 does not work then go to IE>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Browsing>Enable Third Party Browser extension ( usually in IE8 by default it will be enabled) and then repeat step-1/2
    4. If all above 3- does not work then you may think of running IE as 32-bit ( but i din;t understood how one can run IE8 32-bit browser on 64-bit machine. ( I have not tried this solution…/ And i suggest not to try step-4.)

    Info : My experience with Windows-7 /IE 8 so for is most of the issues got resolved when i run the application as Administrator Mode ( As i had similar issue with opening the Quality Center Application tooo)

  16. Hi Santosh,

    Thanks for the very nice comment, to make this more useful.
    Nice job you have done keep it up. This will help a lot to most of users.

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  17. Anonymous said

    Thanks so much Santosh! I second that 🙂

  18. said


    I am using qtp10 vista and IE 7 .I cannot record anything on web .Please help me, i am new to qtp.


  19. Hi,

    Have you gone through all the comments of this post? if not please go through it.
    you can also refer to the same
    OR try to update IE7 to IE8/9

  20. vikas said

    hey, rajiv

    I installed QTP 11 on my system in win 7 iam not able to record web app , i want to test web app of .net platform
    i opened the browser IE 9 but the script is not generated. i did user control settings in win 7 what u mentioned in blog also i choose record and run settings ‘record in any browser’
    plz write down all the steps to take care if there are some browser settings too mentioned that also..

    also after writing the precautions write the basic step to record web app e.g– gmail i just want to make sure

    i have free trial of qtp so plz response soon i will be very thankful to u..


  21. Hi vikas,

    Please refer this may this will help you


  22. rahul said

    Hi Rajiv,

    Thanx for the post and all others who commented and helped me in the same problem which i was facing.

    I’ve onem ore issue which is troubling me and i’m not able to understand what is the reason behind it. In the same env. ( i.e QTP 11, Windows 7 ) when i’m running a script, everything works fine in Firefox but the same script is giving me troubles in IE8.
    Browser().Page().Image().click is working fine in Firfox, even in IE object gets identified correctly while seeing it from OR … not even this if Run the script in debug mode, it works fine in IE but in normal execution, IE is not able to identify the image object and clicks on diff link object present on page.

    Any reason, why this is happening ????

    Thanks Again rajiv for the wonderful suggestions and tips.


  23. Hi rahul,
    Thanks for reading the blog.
    Your problem is interesting. In debug mode , script running fine. have you tried with loaded Active X addin means only with vb and web addin .
    Just give it a try may be it will help. or reinstall the the QTO with user control off.

    best of luck

  24. Anonymous said

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Thanks a lot.. For reading the the blog..

  26. Anonymous said

    hi ,
    I have a crack file of QTP 10 , the problem is it is not getting installed on window 7 , but got installed on Window XP , what is a workaround for the same ? Please suggest me a solution.

  27. Anonymous said

    Hi, I have crack file of QTP 10 , i am enable to install it on windows 7 and it was a pass on window XP , Please suggest me some workaround for it .

  28. Pankaj Gujral said

    I have installed QTP 11 in windows Vista 64 bit machine and my application is .net. it look that QTP 11 is not supporting Vista 64 bit machine.

    In case someone have any solution ple let me know.

  29. Sandesh said

    Hi Rajiv & All,

    Thanks a lot guys!!! This post really helped me…

    Warm Regards,


  30. Shahed said

    Thank you very much. My vista issues was resolved after unchecking the Turn User Account Control On or OFF option. I did not have to reinstall QTP 11.

  31. said

    I’m new to HPQTP , I have installed qtp tool . And it is recording all browser data, I mean while working with google and gmail, But it is not recording the web application(right now i m using the RMS its a oracle application).. It is not even recording the IE open and close process etc

  32. Ashutosh Sharma said

    UAC… Record Run Setting… I have tried everything… but QTP is not recording at all for even flight application…:( Earlier it was working fine with recording and play back… then it stopped playback of scripts…. with suggestion of one QTP expert.. I re-installed QTP… now it is not even recording… I cleared all registry values and deleted the completed folder structure…. ENvironment in Vista… Please help

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