Convert HTML text to Simple text VB Script

Posted by rajivkumarnandvani on November 6, 2009

Hi All,

Some time we required HTML text change to simple text here i created a function which will convert your HTML text to simple readable text.

‘ *************************************************************************************
‘ Function Name:    ConvertHTMLtoText
‘ Description:        This function is used to convert HTML string to Simple Text
‘ Arguments:        HTML string

‘ Return Value:        SimpleText
‘‘Syntax of calling the defined function:    Call  ConvertHTMLtoText(strHTML)
‘ *************************************************************************************

Public Function ConvertHTMLtoText(byVal strHTML)
If InStr(1,strHTML,”<“) > 0 Then
startVariable = InStr(1,strHTML,”<“)

endVariable = InStr(startVariable,strHTML,”>”)
varName = Mid(strHTML,startVariable, endVariable-startVariable+1)
strHTML = replace(strHTML,varName,””)
Loop While InStr(1,strHTML,”<“) > 0
End If
strHTML = replace(strHTML,”&gt;”,””)
strHTML = replace(strHTML,”&lt;”,””)
ConvertHTMLtoText = strHTML
End Function

msgbox ConvertHTMLtoText(“<br><br><font color=””””#008000″”””>TestingGUID position 26 with dashes must be one of the following: AB234567</font></body></html>”)


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